Sunday, August 19, 2012

"WILD" About Learning!

This year, we are WILD about learning in the 4th and 5th grades!  We each decided to pick an animal and decorate our room around it.  The fourth grade classes are doing zebra themed classrooms.  Mrs. Bentley chose a tiger, Mrs. Blevins a giraffe, and Mrs. Nemeth a panda.  We always have so much fun decorating our rooms! 

Pink & Zebra Classroom 1

   I am also an Independent Creative Partner with Initials Inc, and bought these cute monogrammed containers for my room.  The bottom shelf holds my organizers for centers.  I bought the shelf at Target.  The charts came from Frog Street Press.  I taped a page protector on each one and slide my weekly learning targets in there!
Pink & Zebra Classroom 2

  I love Pinterest!  I made my rules based on someone else's blog post.  I also got the idea to add a floral arrangement from another blog.  Then it took me over an hour to figure out how to cover my calendar/cork board with black fabric and ribbon!  Thankfully Carrie helped me out with that one!

Pink & Zebra Classroom 3
  Another idea I found from Pinterest was using tissue paper as a decoration!  My husband made my alphabet chart for me.  I was also excited to find zebra themed writing process and 6-traits posters!

Pink & Zebra Classroom 4
  This is my Language Arts bulletin board.  I didn't want to use a primary colored pocket chart, so I bought some plastic and stapled it to my bulletin board.  I got the border, letters, and stuff on the right from Frog Street Press.  The flowers are from Initials Inc.  If you are in search of zebra print learning posters, check out the blog Teaching in Flip Flops.

Pink & Zebra Classroom 5
  I was really bummed when I figured out my locker labels were wider than the lockers.  But I improvised and it doesn't look too bad from a distance.  Would you believe the boys don't seem to mind the pink and black?

Pink & Zebra Classroom 6
  I teach 4th grade Arts & Humanities this nine weeks  It's hard to find decorations for this subject, so I improvised.  I did have the record jackets on the wall, but they kept falling down. 

Pink & Zebra Classroom 7

I bought this picture frame at Hobby Lobby.  The glass makes a perfect dry erase surface!  I printed out "Today's Lunch" on scrapbook paper, and placed it in the frame.  Then I accordian folded a small piece of fabric and tied it to the frame with ribbon.  That is my eraser.  Now the kids don't waste time searching for the right week and day on the lunch calendar!


  1. Where did you find the writing process posters?


    Try this link!